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Welcome to the website of the Bonsai Society of Southern Tasmania -  the southernmost bonsai society in Australia. This is an on-line  resource for members and others interested in bonsai.

Bonsai is a four-dimensional art form, having length, width, depth – and time! It allows  the enthusiast to closely study  the on-going development of  a tree  which, in Nature, could achieve a height of 20–30 m, but in bonsai  may only  be  30–40 cm. 

Although originating in Japan and China, interest in bonsai is now a global phenomenon and some of the very best trees and collections can be found in other areas of the World.

Members of the Society are bonsai enthusiasts in Hobart and surrounds. They range from the absolute novice through to the experienced and very talented expert.

The members’ trees range from the classic bonsai, such as maples and pines, through to rare exotics and Australian and, especially, Tasmanian native species.

The Society holds monthly meetings, runs workshops, publishes a newsletter, organizes tree-collecting excursions and mounts exhibitions. It holds an extensive library of bonsai books and magazines for the use of members.

By exploring  our site through the navigation links at the head of this page or clicking on the Site Map link at the foot of this page, you can learn more about the Society’s activities and, if interested, how to become a member.

You can download the Society's membership tri-fold leaflet here: Leaflet


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The Society acknowledges ongoing support from Island Bonsai, Heritage Bonsai Tasmania 
and Harmony Garden Centre and Florist, Lauderdale.

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